Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Morning Musings - blog tidying

It's wet here in Sydney. I woke very early, restless, unable to sleep. I struggled out to the kitchen and turned my computer on. Looking at one of my blogs, I realised that housekeeping was well overdue.

A week back, a friend said that she could follow the pattern of my writing through the blogs. That's true enough, but looking at them left a dusty taste in my mouth because I realised just how far behind I was. Looking at the twitter link on one blog, it was two years out of date!

Sitting there in the early morning looking at my blogs and some of those of my friends, I felt a little like a forest after a bushfire. It was time for regeneration. This photo by Gordon Smith shows the trees coming back after a fire, You can see the new growth.

In writing, I draw from the things that I have experienced. That's perfectly normal. But when I look back at the writing, I remember the background. The story is no longer a free standing story, but a memory jogger of the past.

I had a long running Greek trip series using the trip as a device to explore all the surrounding history and life. It was fun. I stopped on Rhodes, leaving the series up in the air. Why? Things had happened that took the joy from the memories. They and the series were no longer fun.

The Australian bush regenerates. Looking at my failed housekeeping on the blogs, looking at the way my focus has become, what, well less focused, I am spending today tidying and fixing.

Don't expect huge changes. I am a bit off big things. I have never been afflicted by the dreaded template instability that used to afflict Neil, but change is good. It's just questions of tidying and focus.


Anonymous said...

You're doing fine mate, it's always a good read. Thanks for the ongoing sharing of your thoughts.

Jim Belshaw said...

Tank you anon. I really appreciate that comment.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, you are doing fine, mate. Small imperfections of housekeeping do not detract from value of your blog. Entering time of regeneration - fantastic!
AC406 nd4

Evan said...

That's a big question I think.

There is lots of emphasis on 'core business' and such.

But it isn't anyone's core business to scan what is going on in the environment or keeping an eye on how things fit together.

Which I think is a recipe for ineffective initiatives and foolish persistence.

This too is just an opinion.

Jim Belshaw said...

Did you know, anon 2, that AC406 departed this morning from Toronto to Montreal leaving via Gate D22? Beam me up Scottie? Just a piece of trivia!