Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The CBA & Joe Hockey's mum-in-law.

From time to time on this blog I have talked about some of the more egregious failures where the the desire to achieve targets (and especially money) outruns common sense and indeed commo0n humanity. This is one such story.

However, reading the on-going saga, I thought oops: Hockey's mother-in-law stung by rogue financial planners! I suspect that, if My Hockey becomes the next Commo0nwealth Treasurer as seems likely, this treatment will be remembered.

I am not suggesting that Mr Hockey would in any way behave unprofessionally, I have too high an opinion of him for that. I am suggesting that it might influence his views in a general sense.

Just on the material presented, I accept that's partial, it would seem that there might be a case for further investigation or compensation. Then I thought that Mrs Babbage could actually be disadvantaged by the relationship because of the need to avoid any impression of partiality.


Anonymous said...

Agree not a good look to suggest Mr Hockey might use his (nearly there, wait a couple of months) position because of his mother in law's bad experience. Reminds of Mr Obama's throwaway "we'll use the IRS" which now comes back to bite him.

You like him? I have no feeling either way, but based only upon his public persona. So I'm assuming you have some deeper or closer connection, to give that opinion.

Which I certainly would not ask you to elaborate upon - except to confirm?


Jim Belshaw said...

Bo, kvd, I don't know Mr Hockey personally. It's just a judgement based on what I know of the public man - and a hope, too, I guess!