Monday, June 03, 2013


Over the next week  my posting here will be short but hopefully reasonably regulaP1000284(1)r. I need to focus on some other writing, as well as tidying up. With eldest's assistance, I am trying to impose a degree of organisation on my life!   

This is the small front office. It's cramped, but I do want to shift my working desk there from the scene you saw in Cat Avenger at writing desk.

My books and files are the tools of my trade. Despite the wonders of the internet, it compliments but does not substitute for the physical. That is especially true in my case where so much of what I write about is very poorly served by the on-line world.

A began an earlier campaign to start putting some material up on wikipedia just to fill some of the gaps. I fear that that will have to wait for my retirement! Seriously, though, I couldn't write as fast and as often as I do on some things without my reference material.

There is a problem, though. This is the lounge room in part tidied mode. My mother used to say that a private home was not a pP1000285(1)lace for a public lending library. I can see her point.

I have nine over-flowing book cases, with books still in boxes and covering other surfaces as well as books in storage. But still, I wouldn't be without them.

Each week when I come to write my weekly local history column, I sometimes know what I want to say. Just as often, I am bereft of ideas. So I grab for one of my books that might give me the basis for a story.

I friend wondered how I managed to cover so many topics. It's all in the books, you see!

Still, we did manage to clear out the equivalent of two large garbage bags of paper, and also organised some other things. Now I need to settle down and catch up! 


Anonymous said...

Nice space, easy to imagine you writing there.
Looks that your helper has been respectful towards your love and need for books.
Some time ago my mother decided that my books need to be in a better order. She had an artistic nature and in my absence arranged my books so the colour effect was pleasing. I was not amused.

Luckily you have it all tidy but not colour coordinated.


Jim Belshaw said...

Hi AC. Organised in broad themes and then by alphabet. I could imagine your feelings!

Anonymous said...

When would you like all the Aymever boxes delivered and where will you put them. I's sure that Eldest will be amused!

Jim Belshaw said...

She will, and I need to do something about that James. Perhaps when I have cleared the current Sydney storage shed.