Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hockey, two Clares & coincidence in a far city


It was already getting cold as Clare and I arrived at Moorebank for the hockey. I stood there with a pink champagne (a charity fund raiser was on at the same time) watching the girls get ready. By the time the game got underway, it was dark and quite cold.

I chatted to a dad from the other team, for I had overheard him mention Armidale.

"Where does your daughter play", I asked? "Goalie", he said. "So does mine," I responded. "Yes", he said, "Clare was born in Armidale when we were up there. I was teaching at Dem and completing my honours at the University of New England."  "Good lord", I said, "My Clare was born in Armidale too. How do you spell Clare?" "C L A R E" he said. "Same spelling," I said. "What did you do honours in?" "History", he said. "So did I", I replied.

We chatted on, two dads with the same degrees from the same place, watching two daughters with the same names born in the same city play against each other in the same positions in a city far distant. There was a certain symmetry to it all.       


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely story, and given your girls' positions, I'm hoping the match was a nil-all draw.


ps my mother was a Claire, so in a very minor way, it jars every time I see the alternate spelling.

Jim Belshaw said...

I fear, not, kvd. UNSW was down a player and lost 2-0. I blame that, not the goalie! Still, Clare did have a good game. And Clare is the Irish spelling.

My Observations said...

To me it was an amazing symmetry. Worth a drink together in a local pub. I like the picture, Sydney winter at its best, at least it seems so. Sydney is definitely my favourite town in the world. Beats Paris.

Rummuser said...

Synchronicity rather than symmetry I would have thought. There is a message in that that needs reflection!

Jim Belshaw said...

Probably, Ramana, but I still think symmetry fits for it carries a personal response.