Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Useful guide to the rise of the extreme right in Europe

From time to time I have mentioned the GeoCurrents blog as a very useful reference source. This post by James Mayfield, Explaining the Rapid Rise of the Xenophobic Right in Contemporary Europe, is a very good if somewhat depressing example.

I drew a few take-messages from the analysis.

  1. The variety and need to avoid stereotyping. I note this in part because of the tendency of some of my more ideological left colleagues to classify people and causes that I have supported as extreme right really just because they are different from prevailing left views
  2. The need to avoid being complacent in an Australian context
  3. The importance of economic factors, although this is clearly not universal.


My Observations said...

Thank you for the James Mayfield post. From my perspective this as a great summary of what is happening in Europe and an insightful analysis. Having strong links with Europe, I am concerned about future of the EU and the politics of individual countries moving towards extreme right characterised by xenophobic and nationalistic movements. The post deepened my understanding of what is happening in Europe and also deepened my concern of what is inevitably coming to the country I am most interested in.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi AC. I hope that you are wrong about Australia, although I share your caution. As a country of migrants and children of migrants, Australia doesn't have quite the same history, but the them/us dichotomy can be aroused. That is one of my underlying concerns about the way the refugee debate is being conducted, for it is to my mind creating a climate that might allow more extreme views to flourish.

My Observations said...

I am afraid that I expressed my point of view as an European being concerned about my country of origin. This was influenced by the place of my current stay. I agree with you as far as Australia (the cuntry I am really most interested in) is concerned.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi AC. No, I interpreted you correctly.