Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Canadian Encyclopedia online - have a browse

One of the nice things about the internet age is the way it makes material more broadly accessible. In this context, I hadn't discovered the online Canadian Encyclopedia until Canadian historian Christopher Moore mentioned it. The blurb describes the Encyclopedia in this way.

This version of The Canadian Encyclopedia, released in enhanced digital interactive form in October 2013, represents the latest incarnation of a project with a unique history. Since the first edition arrived in 1985, Canadians have held a claim few others can make: we have our own national encyclopedia. The idea of covering all branches of knowledge or aspects of a subject in one body of work dates back to 1728 in England. However, a bilingual national edition produced by, for and about the people of a single country, charting its events, culture, history and landscape, remains rare.

Have a browse, for it's a good way of learning about Canada.

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