Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Australian life - transforming Raymond Terrace to Wirrawee

On a recent trip, we stopped at Raymond Terrace for lunch to allow me to take photos. Founded in 1837, Raymond Terrace lies at the junction of the Hunter and Williams Rivers. It is an interesting place, now a little off the beaten track.

This is King Street, the old main street. The river lies just to the left of the photo, the current main street is out of sight on the right.


This is another shot of the street taken a little further along. You can get a feel for the buildings.


In 2009, King Street was transformed into the main street of Wirrawee for the filming of Tomorrow, When the War Began. The girls loved the books, we enjoyed the film, hence my visit.

King Street was chosen for the film because of its original buildings that could be modified to present the appearance of an older country town in the current era. This next shot shows the Bendigo Bank building. It's the same building that appears in the top shot on the far right hand side. Only cosmetic changes were required. The building on the left is, I think, the Lee family's Thai restaurant. 


I enjoyed my excursion. I hope you do too.

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