Sunday, May 17, 2015

History revisited 2014 columns now on line

As regular readers will know, I write the weekly history column for the Armidale Express. This photo is of the 1965 Freedom Ride at Moree.

Most weeks, I have to turn out 500 words. It's not always easy. I get tired and the deadline seems too difficult, especially in the early hours of Friday morning when I have left it to the last moment.

I mention this now because I have finally brought the last of the 2014 columns on-line: 45 columns, over 22,000 words.

Obviously the standard varies. Further, I am writing for a local audience. I try to present things in a broader context, but the local is always there. Still, you may find the columns interesting, The column entry points are:
I hope that you find something of value in them.

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