Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday snippets - a short blog round up

It's been some time since I did a blog round-up. That's partially a reflection of time pressures. I haven't been able to follow along in the way I used too, although I hope to do better.

Clare Belshaw has created a new web site to provide a platform for her various interests. Her blog is now included in the new site.

Sketches and vignettes from la Dordogne is a new web site on my list. I mainly know where the Dordogne is in physical terms from the Tour de France, although I remember the history. Must go there one day. Have a browse. Sixtene writes well. 

Yvonne Perkins Stumbling Through the Past is, as the name says, a history blog. Like many of us, Yvonne doesn't write all the time, thirteen posts so far this year, so you don't need to check it on a daily basis. But have a browse and if you like it, add it to your visit list. I was pleased to see. by the way, that Yvonne recognised the role played by Indian soldiers at Gallipoli - Indian Soldiers Fought at Gallipoli.

John Hawks' weblog remains a superb resource for those of interested in the ancient human past. Seriously, this is a very good blog indeed. If you haven't visited, please do.

The History Blog remains one of the most fascinating history blogs of all.Consider this post, Artifacts recovered from HMS Erebus dive or this one Scythian gold vessels found with opium, cannabis residue. Interesting.

On Canadian History, I continue to browse Christopher Moore's History News on a very regular basis.It gives me different perspectives.

After a longish break in posting, marcellous has suddenly sprung to to life in If a tree falls with a retrospective round-up. The introduction says it all:
Lest an unblogged concert suffer the same fate as an unheard falling tree, I’m returning to blog life with a bit of a catch up. This has turned into a bit of a marathon post.

I have come to the end of the time I allowed myself for this morning's post and, again, have barely scratched the surface.

At the moment at a personal level I have an efficiency campaign running. One aspect of it is my blog reading. I was once so efficient.I had my extensive blog list well structured on Explorer by categories. Now that Explorer is in terminal decline and I have switched platforms, it's much harder.

Memo to Microsoft. In wishing to preserve and maximize the value of what you had,you stuffed your future. But that's a topic for another post.    



Anonymous said...

I agree with you about how annoying it is when upgrades are made to products which actually reduce the functionality for existing users eg the recent upgrades to I and many other readers of blogs were left bereft when Google Reader was withdrawn by Google. Many people complained and hits on my blog diminished for some time. There are other RSS readers out there but they were not as good as the Google Reader.

Thanks for mentioning my blog Jim. I am doing some more work on Indians in World War I. I'm hoping to share more later in July.

Jim Belshaw said...

I miss Reader too,Yvonne' Neil Whitfield had a remarkably good one that was both interesting and saved me a lot of time. I miss it still.

I look forward to reading your take on the Indians in WWWI'