Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pause in posting: wrestling with the nanny state

Sorry to be off-line.

I made a silly promise to Helen Dale to provide a submission to Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm's Australian nanny state inquiry. Even with your help, I bit of more than I can manage.

A promise is a promise. I will try. The deadline is tomorrow. Please bear with me.

In the meantime, this image (Bill Hewson's untitled) is from the latest New England Regional Art Museum Exhibition Luminous World.

I wish that I could just pop down the road as I once could and simply sit there. In the meantime, enjoy.


Evan said...

That is a great image!

Anonymous said...

The inquiry submission count is now over 100, the vast majority being directed to the vexed issue of cycle helmets. I loved the one about a bee getting trapped in one of the air vents of the helmet, and the wearer suffering a sting :)

When will people ever learn that personal anecdote is not evidence?


Jim Belshaw said...

It is a great image, Evan. kvd, early this morning it was still 60, so there must have been a either/or a sudden burst of submissions or posting of submissions. Emailed this morning asking for extension, and closing date now extended to 18 Sept.

Jim Belshaw said...

Quickly skimming the next 55 submissions, there is not a lot of substance. The AMA, too, seems to suffer from the position that anecdote is a substitute for evidence. Personally, while I can scope the problem, I'm finding it very hard to make meaningful suggestions as to how to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Geeeezz Jim! You actually deliberately extended this farce? If you are "finding it hard to make meaningful suggestions" doesn't that indicate the lack of depth/worth in the initial call for submissions?

Most (i.e. 80+%) of the submissions could have provided fodder for this

You ask "how to deal with it"?

This is a Federal inquiry wasting more funds on things which have already been investigated at State level, and without a hope of anything actually concrete by way of outcome. What an absolute farcical waste/misuse of funds.

So just tell them so, and ask if they are in any way embarrassed by such.


Anonymous said...

It must be obvious by now, surely, that make-work inquiries such as this only ever receive submissions from the ideological barrow-pushers and the personally aggrieved.

Leaving the rest of us - all 23,872,393 of us, as of 22 August - shaking our heads at such a nonsense.


Jim Belshaw said...

I quote from that clip often, kvd. On make work, I live in hope!

2 tanners said...

I hope you had a quid-pro-quo with HD that in turn for producing a reasonably thought through submission, her duty was to promote that one in the office!