Thursday, August 13, 2015

Exploring History Revisited

Regular readers will know that I write a weekly history column, History Revisited, for the Armidale Express.The columns are not included in the on-line version of the paper, so I try to post them in my history blog.

The columns are all short, around 500 words, and by the nature of the audience need to have at least some tenuous linkage to Armidale! Still, that gives me a lot of scope.

Writing 500 words a week may not sound a lot, but its actually a considerable ask when each column requires at least some research. I also try to create variety, if sometimes with series on particular topics. I know that the columns are reasonably popular because of feedback from the paper and also readers.

Anyway, I got behind in posting the columns and have now, with a rush, managed to bring the 2015 series up to date. From this point, I can once again post on a weekly basis. I am reasonably proud of the columns. I think that they are a reasonable read within their limits. So if you want to browse them, you will find the 2015 columns here.   .

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