Sunday, October 04, 2015

For those so inclined

For those so inclined, now would be a good time to donate to the keep belshaw writing fund. I have lots of new things to write about when I get back to Oz next weekend, but also need some cash to fund that writing!


I hadn't realised until now that paypal allows people to donate smaller amounts on a regular basis, say  monthly, thus creating a regular cash flow for me with less immediate pain for the donor. Like the concept!


2tanners said...


In negotiations, it's always a mistake to be the first person to put a number on things. Please make that mistake. What sort of number are we talking here?

I know several writers. You don't fool me for an instant, you can't stop yourself. At the same time, no-one can buy your book, send you royalties or whatever, regardless of the interest in the discussions you have stimulated.

So give me a number, in private email if you like.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, kvd. 2t, don't have access to my email address book. Could you email me at ndarala(at)