Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rugby World Cup musings

As you might expect, the New Zealand papers are covering the World Cup Rugby in blanket fashion. I can understand that. This places New Zealand on a world stage.

Helen and I drove into Cardiff past all the crowds. There we discovered the All Blacks bus. Further comments follow the photo.

People, Helen included, were rushing up to have their photos taken by the bus. This was a mild crowd. Later there was a lengthy queue!.

The New Zealanders have just moved into the HQ previously occupied by England. In a Facebook exchange with cousin Anne, part of the NZ Belshaws, she said that she would still love us despite the results. Just as well. As a part Kiwi, I cheer for NZ in many things including the rugby league. But when it comes to rugby union, I'm one eyed.

I guess it's partly an underdog thing. In league, Australia is traditionally stronger. After all, league is very much a minority sport in NZ. Union is different, a national NZ religion. Both England and Australia actually have more registered players than NZ, but passion and focus trumps this.

This makes Australia an underdog so, as a good traditional Aussie, the underdog status adds to my support. I really doubt that Australia can win next weekend. Still, and despite my growing sleep deprivation. I will be there to support the team.

Will I forgive cousin Anne if we lose? Yes. There is always the next round. But will Anne forgive me, especially given that I am likely to rub an Australian win in? Yes, although I am likely going to have to work on that. I may have to discipline myself!

For both of us, and for Helen too, there is now World Cup Japan in 2019. Helen reckons the two of us should go. It will be the first Asian World Cup, a very different experience. It would be nice to go. Maybe some of the NZ Belshaws might come?        


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