Wednesday, December 06, 2006

HSC English and Post Modernism - a further note

In a comment on my last post on this topic, I referred to Neil Whitfield's main blog. Neil posted a comment: Thanks, Jim. Have you noted the new blog Neil Whitfield's English and ESL? Some of your readers may find it interesting.

While the blog that Neil refers to has a special focus on ESL (English as a Second Language), it contains a range of generally useful material. For that reason, I am responding as a post rather than a comment. I recommend the blog to you.

All this raises a broader issue in my mind. Has blogging reached the stage now that we can use it as a platform for discussing topics of special interest to individual groups?

I know that this already happens to a degree, nor am I saying anything especially profound. But just as I have begun to tailor the responses on this blog to the interests revealed by the search engine stats, maybe it is time to look at building up certain blogs as key reference and discussion points.

I know that I am interested in the NSW HSC and English. I also know that I have gained from other parents who have looked at specific issues and then given me advice. I wonder how we can broaden this?


Anonymous said...

I really do not watch stats that much. I find tendencies interesting but am comfortable with my weekly schedule. Most likely, in some near future, I will start breaking the month down like the week, "once a programmer always a programmer..."

Jim Belshaw said...

David, I am probably far too interested in the stats at the moment for my own good, but I have not had some of them before. I grinned at your comment on programming.