Monday, December 04, 2006

Project Management, Creation and Use of Case Studies

Putting aside my personal hat for my professional one just for a moment, I wanted to mention two interesting series of posts on other blogs that I am involved with.

Many of us use case studies in our work. They are also used increasingly in a range of areas like regional and community development to explain why development does, does not happen. In this context, I have just put up three posts on the Managing the Professional Services Firm blog on the creation and use of case studies. The posts are:

Project management is another area of common interest across management and the professions. Here we are putting up a series of posts on project management techniques on the Ndarala Group blog. So far we have put up two posts:

In both cases we are drawing from internal Ndarala Guides prepared for the use of members and clients. We have decided that we should make this material more broadly available.

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