Thursday, October 02, 2008

The world that wool built

In Blog Performance - September 2008 I mentioned that I was experimenting with Belshaw sans words. Neil kindly encouraged me, so I have continued.

If you look at my wool series I hope that, even at this stage, you will get a feel for what I am trying to do. Simply tell a story.

In doing so I am experimenting with different forms in the blog format. In this case, I am back filling posts so that a search brings the posts up in order.

As part of my search, I found some rather wonderful photos from the Power Museum. This one from 1900 is simply called in the Australian Bush. If I have the overall link right, I will check later, you should be able to search from here.

I think that this will be my only post today. I had not intended to spend the time on sans words, and have other things to do.

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