Monday, May 25, 2009

Armidale's Beauty

There is no doubt that my home city Armidale is an attractive city. Tonight just a few random photos to show you.

The first photo by Gordon Smith just shows a local general store.

Just a street scene. But look at the sky. Autumn in Armidale is quite beautiful. Cool bright days, cold nights. Look, too, at the colours of the paint. The ute (utility) on the left shows that it is a country scene.


The next shot, again by Gordon, shows a foreshortened shot up to the old Armidale Teachers' College.

The park and house at front are very Armidale, but you can also see the monumental style of the house on the hill. Armidale is the place that was to be the capital of our own state.20090515-11-08-00-around-armidale--streets-and-architecture

The house below, 65 Mann Street, is presently for sale for $759,000. This is one of the many mansions built in Armidale's inner city.

This is, in fact, the house my grandparents lived in for a number of years. The agent's description says:

“Opawa” dates to 1896 and was built by Samuel Herbert, the local government architect, as his own home. The interior of the house contains many magnificent cedar joinery features.

“Opawa” has been renovated over the last three years and is now presented in pristine condition. Superb quality curtaining, carpeting, and light fittings add to the opulent feel of the home. Central heating, selected under floor heating and reverse cycle air-conditioned are all features. The grounds of the house are substantial and include a covered pergola, private seating area and a large rear north facing deck.

65 Mann Street

The photo below shows the same house in 1935 while my grandparents' were living there. The black and white better captures, I think, the character of the house. 65 Mann Street 7


Diak Malae said...

Just about all places have their own beauty, Jim. Some more than others, I agree.

I actually like to look a the people and the buzz and thrum of life, rather than buildings.

A view across the bay, from half way up a mountain. Palms, fruit and fish hawkers and cheeky motorcyclists. Kids playing footy on the road, chooks and pigs and goats, and, indeed, some fairly rococo architectural piles.

All in a city variously described as dull, dusty, dirty, dingy and desolate.

Like you, I'm prejudiced. I'm also warm. Armidale is pretty, but gosh it gets icy.

Jim Belshaw said...

Armidale can get icy, Diak. You can actually see it in the colour of the sky. Mind you, so can Canberra.

Liked the comment on Dili.