Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dili's Emu Parade

I would be fascinated to discover the origins of the names adopted by our friendly Dili blogger. B's adopted name -  "Diak Malae" is bad Tetun for 'good foreigner' - is clear enough. However, we also find, and I quote, "My wife’s name is Just Add Water. We have two sons, whose names are Three Strokes and Fidget."

Living dangerously, I would have said. Or perhaps Just Add Water is like my wife and does not read my blog!  Diak took a break from posting while he and Just Add water visited Darwin and Kakadu. Now he is back, and I enjoyed his latest posts, especially the description of Dili's Emu Parade.


Tikno said...

Jim, thanks for sharing the link. I have bookmarks his blog. Timor Leste (East Timor) has a long history with Indonesia. I just know if there is a blogger from Timor Leste after reading your post. It's interesting to know my brother there, although via blogging.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Tikno. DM. is actually an Australian working there, but it is still nice to get a perspective from Timor Leste.

Tikno said...

Oops.. saya kira dia orang Timor Leste. Thank for let me knows.
No matter whose the author, his blog has gives another news color , at least as long as he work there.

Thanks again.

Tikno said...

I'm sorry, I wrote the first sentence using Indonesian accidentally.
In English: "Oops.. I think he was Timor Leste"

Jim Belshaw said...

I love it that you dropped into Indonesian, Tikno. That makes us mates! I mean, you just responded.

The writer in question used to work for me many years ago. I am looking forward to his continuing comments. He is good value.