Saturday, September 26, 2009

About the colours of New England

Earlier this week on New England Australia in Harry Pidgeon's Naturally Touched Cooks Hill Gallery I reported on the opening of New England artist Harry Pidgeon's latest exhibition. Hat tip to Paul Barratt for the lead.

I showed some of the reproductions to colleagues. Now I like them because they deal with country I know, New England's tablelands and slopes. My colleagues responded very positively because of the colours. This got me thinking, and I started jotting down notes on the colours of New England. This has now come up as a post - The colours of New England.

This is very much a first cut post. When I began I was thinking mainly of new ways of explaining New England to outsiders; the use of colour as a device to bring things alive. However, it would, I suspect, make a rather good book.

Even in this first post I have tried to combine visual and verbal imagery; poets, painters and photographers. I do not pretend that I have it right, but it's an interesting challenge. How do you write to create an emotional resonance independent of any reader knowledge of the area in question?

Congratulations to Neil on being included as a blog worthy of permanent retention in the Australian National Library's Pandora series - see  Anyone else being archived?

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