Friday, September 11, 2009

Message to Tikno

In Indonesian Government downgrades certain Australian degrees to diploma status I suggested that I might write an Armidale Express column on this issue. I did so, and have now brought it on-line in Belshaw’s World: Indonesia downgrades Australian degrees.

Tikno, who started the discussion, was (I think) a little worried at what I might write. He need not have been. I have also included a comment from Ramana. So two of our little bogging group featured in the first print column I wrote based just on a blogging exchange, thus appearing in the local Armidale world. As it happens, Neil gets a reference in the column published Wednesday. This will come up next week on the New England Australia blog.

I am now wondering why I have not done this more often. My problem, I think, is that the columns are not on line, making it difficult for me to give links back. Still, I do like the idea of getting members of our group into the conventional media world.

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