Monday, May 03, 2010

A personal interlude

Having just finished my Armidale Express column, the third in a series of four on New England's environmental wars, I really don't feel like writing anything serious today.

Yes, both the Henry Review and the Government's initial response have been released. Even the Government's rhetoric - stronger, fairer, simpler - cannot draw me. I think that I will let this one run before I attempt any analysis.

Yesterday I watched youngest play hockey. The Macquarie University Ancient History Review had finished the night before. Clare was both convener and a leading player and script writer. Normally she would have taken the car, but we both felt that that was not a good idea. Breath tests and all that. Indeed, we were stopped at a breath test station, but then they waved us through.

After no effective sleep, I wondered how she would go. Not bad, actually. She made some very good if scrambling saves.

Later in the month we have to go to Bathurst for the State League Championships. This will be a test. The step-up from the standard of game that Clare normally experiences will be quite a challenge.

Looking back at posts, Hockey and the Armidale poets kind of combines Clare with another of my interests.

Saturday I went to see one of eldest's netball teams play. This was the first game for her ten year olds. They lost fairly convincingly.

Helen commented that the goal shooter on the other side had no right to play like that at ten!

I must say that I agree, for I had been watching her. Her eyes were constantly alert, looking for opportunities. If she is that good now and grows a bit, then her chances of making senior rep level have to be very good indeed.

Saturday night on a Harbour Cruise for Sydney University's International House. Dee is chair, so I get to go to a lot of these things as handbag.

The company was very pleasant, the harbour beautiful because of the lights.There is no doubt that Sydney is a beautiful city. I still think, however, that it is a better place to visit than to live, But then, I'm biased.

I have been tidying up, trying to get my home work space organised. I must do better here, for the disorganisation had reached the level that it had become a real impediment.

I have so much to do this week that I don't even know where to begin! Still, time to make a start.           

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