Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shave a sheep!?

Shave a sheep Cpnhg Apr 2011 This photo was sent from Copenhagen for the entertainment of Clare and myself. I blinked.

To Australian or New Zealand eyes this must be one of the most bizarre game titles in history.

For those who don't know sheep, they are quite large, heavy, wooly animals!

When I was a kid out in the paddocks trying to help my uncle or friends, I found them very large indeed! Merinos at least also have somewhat wrinkled skin.

Given all this, the photo created this bizarre image in my mind of standing by a sheep with my shaving brush plus razor trying to give it a shave!

It's not a bad shot of Helen (eldest) by the way. 


David Nash said...

So, on a par for bizarre software title with an application I'm a satisfied user of, SheepShaver ?!
(They say "It's a pun on “ShapeShifter”.")

Jim Belshaw said...

Good lord, David. More and more bizarre!