Monday, August 15, 2011

A bearded Belshaw

A bearded Belshaw

Cousin Jamie has been posting some new photos from Aunt Kay's collection.

Oh dear. I showed this one to eldest, who rudely remarked at the way my hair was swept to conceal my bald spot!

That's true, but I focused more on the beard and hair length. Oh for so much hair, and it's black!

I can't spot where the photo was taken, I just don't recognise the furniture.

We all go through phases in our life. I miss my bearded phase. It was a time when I was breaking out.

I was confident enough not to worry what others thought about the beard. That was when I started buying Australian old books and paintings, when I wanted to write, started keeping a writer's diary.



Rummuser said...

I am stuck with my beard Jim. My universe threatens dire consequences if I even suggest removing it to see what I look like! I have had it for so long with just two breaks, that no one will recognize me if I took it off.

Neil said...

It's the body shirt that dates it for me, Jim! Thank God I am not trying to wear one now; it was bad enough back then!

Jim Belshaw said...

Good morning Ramana and Neil.

I fear, Ramana, that if I reacquired the beard my universe (the girls) would disown me!

Body shirts, indeed, Neil. Some of the clothing then was, in fact, most unbecoming!

Legal Eagle said...

My Dad has a beard, and has never been without one during my entire life. When my sister and I were little, we told him that we wouldn't love him any more if he shaved it off. I'd probably walk past him without recognising him if he did shave it off!

Jim Belshaw said...

See what influence you girls, have, LE!