Monday, August 01, 2011

Denis Wright & learning from the Sufis

Do you know much about the Sufis? I must admit I do not, beyond a broad general knowledge.

I mention this because Denis Wright's Learning from the Sufis provides a well written introduction to Sufi beliefs that makes aspects of Sufi thought easily accessible.

The post was originally published as a piece in Hemisphere early in 1982. Denis and I then shared the History staff room, Denis as a lecturer, me as postgraduate student.

It's interesting. While I knew the fields that Denis taught in, I generally mixed with the single staff and my fellow Australianists. It's only now through Dennis's blog that I am getting a real feel for the range of his interests.

Do have a browse. I think that he has integrated his thoughts plus Sufi writing in an interesting way.  


Neil said...

Truly wonderful blog.

Jim Belshaw said...

It is a great blog, Neil. I am glad you liked it.