Saturday, February 18, 2012

Slowed by house hunting & other things

I have found it remarkably difficult to write anything over the last week. Part of the problem has simply been limited time, part lack of focus.

This morning took Helen house hunting. She wants to move into a place of her own sharing with two friends. It's been remarkably difficult to get a place. They have lodged five applications so far on places they really liked without success. When we were looking for a new family place last January-February we went through something of the same experience. It's just a very competitive and expensive marketplace.

While Helen and her two friends are also studying, they have reasonably good part time incomes and in total can afford to pay more than a lot of singles or couples.

It's been a quite exhausting morning, and we have a house to go. So I will proceed and return tomorrow.   

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Legal Eagle said...

Good luck to Helen - did she find something?