Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Zombies walk in Martin Place

Note to readers: I have been copying from a pdf to livewriter then posting, copying the image and then deleting. In doing so, I managed to delete this post. I have restored the post, but could not restore the comments. My apologies! I have added an extra photo at the end. 

Clare 8 Feb12

Foxtel's new FX pay TV will launch with hit zombie series The Walking Dead.

To mark the launch, zombies walked in Sydney's Martin Place at lunchtime.  The zombie on the left is my youngest, Clare.

Now here in pointing to Clare I was in fact wrong. Regular reader kvd thought Clare was at the back. He was right. She was listed on the left in the original and has a black wig. But she is indeed in the back!

Unlike the events I described in Zombies walk in Kingsford - & elsewhere, this was a paid gig for Clare.

She arose at 3am this morning to catch a bus into the city to be made up. Then there was a long gap before they were all caged.

Breaking from the cage into the lunchtime crowd, they created fear and terror or, perhaps just curiosity.

When I arrived home Clare was happy, but very hoarse from growling! She was happy though, and this is a comment that will only be understood by Australians, because she got to growl at Dicko.

Here is a further photo of the group caged.

For those who do not know who Dicko is -


Anonymous said...

Well worth it to get the additional photo, which is great!

I will leave it to you to apologise to your daughter, or I could send you an identity bracelet if it is just advancing age ;)


Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you, kvd. Not so much of the advancing age thing if you don't mind!

Jim Belshaw said...

And on the day after my birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

Well many congrats for that as well! But it does add weight to my alternate suggestion.

Hope it was well spent, with a good weekend to follow.


Jim Belshaw said...

Not bad, kvd.