Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday snippets

Here in Australia, the question of who did what and when in the period leading up to the overthrow of Kevin Rudd has been rattling the dovecotes. For those interested, you can get a feel here, here and here.

I have commented on the latest controversy nor on the continued speculation about Ms Gillard's future as PM for I really have little useful to say beyond the things that I have already said.

Over on World War II Day-By-Day, the daily reports have been tracking the fall of Singapore to the Japanese. British forces finally surrendered on 15 February 1942. This military disaster has acquired almost mythic status in Australia. Lindsay Murdoch's The day the empire died in shame will give you a feel.

Each participant including each member of Commonwealth and Empire has a different perspective on events. We tend to forget that.

Now turning to a totally different topic, the Australian free on-line newspaper, the Global Mail, appears to be gathering strength. Have a browse. I think that it's pretty good.

For those who like their history, I found Mike Dash's post Nice Things to Say About Attila the Hun quite fascinating.

Have you ever heard of ultimate frisbee? I had not  until Monday when I found that a girl at work played it This YouTube clip will give you a feel.

You will gather that I don't really feel like being too serious tonight, so I will finish here! 

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