Monday, August 27, 2012

Belshaws' World - a desperate fight at netball

This is the story of a netball game. Back in June 2010 in Saturday Morning Netball, I wrote of a part of a Saturday spent with eldest at the netball. This is another netball story, although it's really a story of and perhaps for eldest. Or perhaps for her Dad more so.

The day after Helen's graduation (Helen's graduation) I went to watch Helen play in the netball grand final. This has been something of a ritual - games, not always grand finals - for twelve or so years. This time it was especially important as a grand final. UNSW (University of New South Wales) 6 were playing, I think, Saints 1. UNSW had been minor premiers, so there was a lot at stake.

UNSW started in a nervous way, while Saints opened brilliantly, streaking away to a five goal lead. While the margin fluctuated, Saints held the lead to half time. Helen came on in the second half. Short of battery, I preserved the camera until Helen was on, but then ran out. Still, here are a few shots.

Helen started goal defence. As a defender, it's sometimes very important to get in your opponent's face. Helen in the brown and gold.


Saints stretch the lead. From memory, they managed to get about seven points ahead.


As a game, netball is all about tactics and positioning. Study the court, look and the game will open up.


And you have to run to the open court where the ball will be thrown no matter what the traffic. In fact, you have to charge to where the ball should be thrown. Helen on the way through.


By now UNSW was coming back, with the lead shrinking. In rugby, you always want to get your face into your opponent's face. In netball, you often want their face rammed into your back, stopping them getting round. The lead was still narrowing.


Sometimes desperate defence is required. That opposing centre was very good, by the way.


Sometimes defence is just not enough. There goes another one.


Then you just have to get on with the game. Sneaky, Helen? 


In the end, the UNSW efforts were just not enough. Saints by 2. Well done girls!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jim
I can't believe how much Helen looks like Edna ... lovely to see.


Jim Belshaw said...

She does indeed, susie. She does indeed. And it is lovely to see. Mum would have been very proud of her grand daughter.