Friday, August 03, 2012

Top posts on Personal Reflections

Sadly but probably inevitably, there has been a noticeable drop on traffic on this blog since the start of the Olympics! Looking at the stats made me notice the huge difference in page views between the top and bottom posts on this blog.

Just for the hell of it, out of the last three hundred posts, here are the ones that exceeded 300 page views:

Not sure what I make of all that. Some were clearly topical, others less so.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

Just a couple of follow ups on earlier posts.

1) Seems I'm not the only less than enthused observer of BHP's Marius Kloppers:

2) MEGT. Regarding this useless waste of taxpayer resource, my son today has been advised that his intitial claim "has been paid, but it just needs to work through the system". MEGT - look them up - seem to me to be yet another useless, barnacle-like, non-performing, operation which our government has placed between its citizens and themselves, in order to shirk any responsibility.

I would not mind this except for the overpaid incompetence thus introduced into "the system". Anyway, my son is now advised he can "expect payment by next Friday". (Which he 'expected' today, and the three Fridays before - for a claim strtetching back to last December)

The general incompetence would be cynically amusing (look! another greedy pig at the trough) if it hadn't cost me money - not to mention having to watch my son having to basically beg for a very minor $5k, but rightful entitlement for over three months now.


Anonymous said...

And if you personally know any of these incompetent barnacles on the nether regions of society, I would be most grateful for a phone number.

I see one is a "professor emeritus" and sometime Dean of Faculty of Business for UTS. Talk about appointing an innocent well above his station in life.


Jim Belshaw said...

Hi kvd. That is a pretty damning assessment of MK.

On MEGT, I simply don't know enough to respond on line. If you email me the story in a little more detail, I will do some digging.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jim

re Kloppers, I think I mentioned my impressions sometime recently - which was a follow up on something I'm sure I raised maybe twelve months ago. But what do I know - except the worst that will happen is a hurried golden handshake, to avoid any embarrassment for the board.

On the other, that is a very kind offer but I will fight my own battles. The main reason I raise it is because I see my (son's) personal experience as a micro-example of how our government/s have been allowed to interpose yet another level of deniability between themselves (I mean for their basic responsibilities) and "we, the people".

Think of pink batts, school halls, (and don't get me started on AusAid) and now this. "It ain't the government's fault, we did the right thing; employed people in the private sphere to administer..." What an abrogation of fundamental government responsibility this is.

Is all I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

Jim, good news on Kloppers!

Seems he is not getting his bonus. What a savage rap on the knuckles with the proverbial feather that must be for him. Wonder if he'll double down on the $2Bn for another throw of the dice. Or is it darts that are the current preferred management tool?


Jim Belshaw said...

kvd, you did indeed mention the matter earlier!I hadn't seen Mr Kloppers failure t get a bonus. No doubt well deserved!

I do take the force of your other comment.