Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Australian life - Dad Rudd MP

My thanks to Neil Whitfield for this one.  Dad Rudd MP

Ken Hall was one of Australia's most popular film makers. This article by Juleanne Lamond, “Unfounded attack on Dad and Dave comedies!”, focuses not just on Hall but the Dad and Dave series. When I saw Dad Rudd MP years after its release, I really enjoyed it.

There is also a reference in the article to a more parochial interest of mine. The film was part funded by an overdraft from the NSW Government. This, I think, links to the efforts of NSW Deputy Premier and Country Party leader Mick Bruxner (Bruxner was film maker Charles Chauvel's cousin) to get financial support for the Australian film industry.

This little known episode is interesting because it was, I think, the first attempt by an Australian government to support the local industry. And so far, I have been unable to find any real details.  


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you to Neil for the inspiration. On a not completely unrelated topic, it was interesting to read today about actor Eric Bana taking on the Aus distribution of his latest film, travelling and promoting it.

A bit like the old days revisited.


Jim Belshaw said...

Sadly, kvd, I am out of my free ration with the SMH and had to forgo the link! Maybe later when I am back inside my thirty limit?