Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Election update - recounts go on

In case you were wondering, the results of the last Australian Federal election have still to be finalised, with recounting continuing in the seat of Fairfax and for the WA Senate. Just thought that you would like to know!


It appears that Clive Palmer has won the seat of Fairfax by just 53 votes! And in WA, the Australian Electoral Commission has lost a small but crucial packet of Senate votes, throwing the recount into confusion.

Postscript 2

The WA Senate counting mess continues to unfold. New election anyone? 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

Not at all relevant to your links - but just one result of the recent elections is the dismantlement of AusAid - an organisation I have followed with great interest since my daughter has devoted her entire career to it since leaving uni.

I liked this quote (in fact it made me think of you with your occasional reflections on industry policy and Minister Button) from here:


They tend to lack a strong regard for formal authority and, when directed to do something dumb, have been known to practice what one student of AusAID behaviour describes as ‘non-violent non-cooperation’

Anyway, worth a read, and the organisation that was AusAid is worthy of respect for past achievements large and small.


Scott Hastings said...

Everyone mocked Clive Palmer for suggesting the AEC was incompetent and/or corrupt. Will we see a retraction in the Murdoch papers now? NBL!

Jim Belshaw said...

That was an interesting piece, kvd. Loved the photos, by the way. Will respond properly in due course.

Jim Belshaw said...

I doubt it, Scott!

Anonymous said...

If there is a senate re-election surely the entire election needs to be held again, not just for the last seat!

Jim Belshaw said...

I would think that's right, marcellous. So it throws the whole senate mix up!