Saturday, October 05, 2013

Sydney's International Fleet Review

The International Fleet Review has been on here in Sydney. Held to to commemorate the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy's Fleet into Sydney Harbour, it's really just  an excuse for a big party.

Thursday the tall ships entered Sydney harbour. Sailing ships 1

Friday the RAN sailed in in convoy, mimicking the events of 100 years ago. The photos come from the Australian Broadcasting Commission.  

HMAS leads the fleet in

Today I am going across to the other side of town to watch some of the events. Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Hope your day was good Jim.

First pic under video, right to left: H.R.H., P.M., B.I.L.


Jim Belshaw said...

It was a good day,kvd, although very tiring. Thanks for the links. Talking to a women at a fireworks party Saturday night, her daughter had gone for a walk past Kirribilli House.

There standing in the gateway behind the iron gate were the PM and Prince. She said hi and got her photo taken with both. All this makes it very hard for our republican brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...

My son just sent me the same photo on an email with subject "Tim Dick & Harry". I guess it's a family thing, but I thought that was funny.


Jim Belshaw said...

It may well be a family thing, kvd!

Unknown said...

I think it is indeed a family affair with all the exciting events taking place at the Sydney harbour and beyond. I feel that every member of every family would definitely get to enjoy the activities because they are suitable for the various age groups as they are fun-filled and interesting, keeping everyone engaged for good.