Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is the Abbott Government Ruddifying itself?


At a cooking course tonight with eldest at the Sydney Cooking School, Duck & Pinot. Very good actually. It was my Christmas present and i enjoyed it. This us eating the results.

Lots has been happening, but I am tired and don't feel like writing about it.

The riot on Manus seems to get worse and worse.  A Customs and Defence review has found that Australian boats entered Indonesian waters six times between December and January. Apologies made in all directions. According to today's Financial Review, I can't give a link, the Australia-Chinese Free trade Agreement has been pushed down the priority list by China because of previous Australian Government public statements. This agreement is a key Abbott Government priority.

In my early analysis of the Rudd Government, I focused on Mr Rudd's process approach, the way he did things. This led me to express severe doubts, doubts ignored by the mainstream media still enamoured with Mr Rudd. Something similar is happening now, although Mr Abbott has not had the same media honeymoon.

Political capital needs to be extended carefully; the way you do things is very important. The Government has important agenda items that it needs to sell, but these are being lost in the static created by the way the Abbott Government is doing things. Are we seeing the Ruddification of the Abbott Government?  I am beginning to wonder.  


Evan said...

David Marr got it right I think - "he's a wrecker".

Which may be great in opposition but inadequate in government.

Anonymous said...

Despite a series of blasts from the pages of the AFR (what did the government do to upset THEM?), the government's poll numbers have made a MAJOR consolidation in the last fortnight.