Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A classic Australian camping bus

This shot came from Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite. It really took me back. It’s not just that I remember Mr Doughan, but it’s a classic shot of Australian life styles past.

Aren’t they all dressed up for the photo? Wouldn’t you like to wander around the country in this bus, especially if you were a kid?! Think of the fun. Further comments follow the photo. The Doughan's bus

My family wasn’t into camping or caravanning. I was always a bit envious of those who went off and did such things. I find myself totally envious of that bus! 


Rummuser said...

That is one image of Australia that I can never forget. Men wearing shorts with stockings and shirt with tie. One that I found so practical and so unusual the first time that I ever saw it!

Jim Belshaw said...

Had to be long socks, Ramana! It was a more formal age.

Unknown said...

Formal indeed. Mrs Noel Doughan remains nameless. Mr.& Mrs. Doughan would no doubt be shocked to know that H.R.H. the Duchess of Cambridge etc. is still Kate Middleton.
(Crikey - that shouldn't be interpreted as a Royalist rant)

Jim Belshaw said...

Indeed as am I, Bob! Still, royal naming has always had more variety.

Unknown said...

Cute and memorable photos, timeless captures! We can really see how camping bus and trailers have greatly changed through the years.

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