Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Baaa-Studs present "Extreme Shepherding"

This is one of those extremely clever advertising videos, in this case for Samsung LED television sets,that has gone viral. At first I thought that it must be digitally altered. Director James Rouse denies this.

Regardless, its very clever and really fun.   


Anonymous said...

I think that's quite good but, having up close watched and admired the abilities on display, I have to say I think there's a bit of post-processing CGI involved - or whatever it is that lets me see 'filtered reality'.

But it's a happy inconsequential thing, and I'm all for such these days.


Jim Belshaw said...

Would have to be, I suspect. But it is a happy inconsequential thing and, like you, I am all for such things these days!

Rummuser said...

As long as it sells!