Thursday, April 17, 2014

Off to the Hunter

I am off to the Hunter Valley tomorrow for Easter, along with camera and note book. It’s partly a wine trip, more an historical excursion bridging present and past. Mine, but also the Valley’s. The two connect.

I will be bringing up more posts before I go on other blogs, but this is the last post here before my return on Monday.

Have a happy Easter. Whether you are a Christian or not, it’s worth remembering that this part of the Christian story is about hardship, despair and ultimate redemption. I find that a useful thought,  


My constantly helpful if unpaid research assistant kvd pointed me to this link, Have a look. The historical footage is fascinating, and there is a search facility.  Ah, the marvels of the internet!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim; hope your weekend is safe and enjoyable.

Wanted to record somewhere a link to the full digital archive of British Pathe:

- which is searchable for things Aus (lots of cricket and rugby and wars, but also some really interesting pre-WWII film)

Anyway, thought you might like a browse - for example, Maitland Floods 1955


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Should have pointed you to this one:


Jim Belshaw said...

That's simply fantastic, kvd. You are worth every cent I pay you! Seriously, its wonderful having what is (in effect) a research assistant.

Evan said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jim Belshaw said...

I did have a lovely weekend, Evan, with first stories starting to come up. It was great fun.