Saturday, February 13, 2016

Introducing Katy Barnett's The Earth below - a dystopian romance

Last year our friend and fellow blogger Katy Barnett better known as Legal Eagle completed her first novel begun while she was sick in hospital.

The Earth Below is a dystopian romance. The synopsis ends:
The Earth Below is a dystopia, a romance and an adventurous escape rolled into one. Readers follow Marri’s struggles against the oppressive rules and the difficulties in deciding to leave It’s a story that mirrors contemporary questions of sexuality, parenthood, freedoms in society, cultural clashes and the limits of law. It will appeal to older teens and adult readers.

In a comment, kvd wrote: Jim, I think your writer daughter would particularly enjoy this story, and I must add that I had the honour of a first draft read of the entire, and I give it a complete and hearty recommend. Enjoy!

Katie has developed a new web site for the book. You can download a copy of the first chapter there.

The web site aims, I think, to attract a main stream publisher. We should encourage that or, alternatively, encourage Katie to go another route. Please read the chapter - what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was me, AKA LE, AKA Katy

Jim Belshaw said...

A real pleasure LE!

2 tanners said...

LE, wishing you the best. The only fiction I read know is press releases, largely from politicans and tech companies, which are of course utopian rather than dystopian and pretend to relevance rather than making valid social commentary.

I am not at all experienced in these things - have you thought of Amazon distribution?

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2T. I want to get it properly edited, and I can't afford that at the moment. I've been told by friends in the editing profession that a publisher will do it for me for free, and that it is eminently publishable, if I can get someone to take it on...! I have looked into Amazon publication - get e-mails from them - maybe after I have this baby I will think about doing that instead...if no joy from mainstream publishers.


Jim Belshaw said...

I will follow this one with interest, LE.