Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Forum - art, personality and all that: another as you will

Today's Monday Forum is another as you will.

Ah, if only I had a magic carpet. The Barnes Foundation has a new exhibition, "Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation and Change". Sadly, I cannot simply travel to the USA!

I have always been interested in Picasso because when I first saw his work it seemed so strange. It wasn't until I visited the Musée Picasso in Paris that I got a real feel for him in his context.

As we have discussed before, art works survive because of their continued resonance. In this context, the  Musée Picasso had the biggest impact on youngest.

Mind you, it had a bigger impact on youngest. She just wandered absorbed.

This is a shot of her at the time. It's simply entitled "I love this Picasso." I think that that visit has influenced her art to this day.

Are you a Picasso fan?

Staying with the girls, eldest has decided that she is an extroverted introvert. I think that's pretty right. Her father is too.

When I drop into performance mode, I can appear quite extroverted. When I'm happy, I can appear extroverted. However, these are to some degree and especially the performance mode learned behaviours.

What personality type are you? Do they in fact make sense? - I clearly think that they do. How have you modified your behaviour?

Growing up, I did not regard photography as art. I really didn't until I started visiting the Australian National Gallery on a regular basis looking at their photographic exhibitions. Now I regard photography as both an art form and evidence to be used in my research and writing.

I see that the The Morgan Library & Museum has opened a new exhibition exploring the diverse visual languages of photography. Again, I wish that I could go! It's worth clicking on the link because of its descriptions of the changing role of photography.

As always, in responding feel free to go in whatever direction you want.  


Anonymous said...

Heh :)

Naturally after reading your post, I was drawn to a 'Breaking News' item on the SMH website: "National Gallery of Australia launch ..."

What exciting news might this be? - because like you Jim, I am a regular visitor, so I clicked.....

National Gallery of Australia launch recruitment freeze"

Oh well.


?how does one 'launch' a freeze? I mean, I do understand that 'doing nothing' is a high bar - but 'launching' doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

I can't work out whether I'm an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert. I like people, but I need time to myself or with my family. And the thought of a large party where I don't know anyone fills me with horror, or some kind of event where I have to schmooze (can't schmooze. just can't do small talk).


Jim Belshaw said...

You know kvd, I'm forced to agree with you on the use of the word launch. Coming on top of the National Library announcement, it’s a sign of the continued impact of "efficiency dividends." But why not just say National Gallery freezes recruitment, considers cuts?

While not the case here, I stand a bit in awe of the ability of some sub-editors to find catchy headlines. I’ll be damned if I can do it properly!

I see your problem, LE. I would go with extroverted introvert on the grounds that your key characteristic is a degree of introversion but you have learned to manage that and, in any case, that you operate effectively in the public space. Perhaps you are just a behaviourally adapted introvert?

Anonymous said...

Interesting article:

- containing a great quote:

“The wonderful thing about food is that everyone uses it,” he told a reporter, “and they only use it once.”


Anonymous said...

On photography as art:

'art' is where the 'at is :)


Jim Belshaw said...

Good lord, kvd. See your point. :)