Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lost Brexit Post

Sadly, while adding material I managed to lose my Brexit post. I don't know what happened. Frustrating, for it had taken a long time to write.


Well, the post is now back thank to Noric who found the post in Google cache - Confusions and risks in the post-Brexit path


Sue said...

It was a good post Jim. How frustrating for you.

I am feeling very sad about the Brexit vote for so many reasons. How terrible that the UK is so divided and now it looks like Scotland will break away(62% remain vote!). I'm still trying to assimilate all the information.

Jim Belshaw said...

It was very frustrating, Sue. The Cotswolds voted remain, by the way. Don't known about Moreton or Chipping Norton and surrounds within that mix

Winton Bates said...

Jim, a lot of things are getting lost these days. Europe just lost Britain and doesn't know what happened.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up guys - at least the tea and toast is safe, maybe :)

With British consumption of tea outstripping continental Europe’s average by a factor of six, the European Commission (EC) had quietly delayed the implementation of new “ecodesign” restrictions on small household appliances during the run-up to the Brexit referendum vote over fears that bans would be perceived as an assault on the British staples of tea and toast.

But European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in his weekly College of Commissioners meeting on April 20, accidentally revealed that the EU, just after would move forward with regulatory bans against eight of the best selling kettles and nine of the best selling toasters in the United Kingdom just after the Brexit vote.


Jim Belshaw said...

I'm with Europe, Winton! Ah, kvd, so the Empire strikes back!