Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome Visitor 19,000

Well, visitor 19,000 arrived while I was out. I am now up to Visitor 19,012.

Visitor 12,000 came direct. From, I think, Sydney.

And congratulations to Neil for getting to visitor 150,000 across his blogs. Truly an impressive milestone.


I was just looking at the weekly stats. I feel truly honoured. I don't write this blog to attract traffic. It's just personal. But I see that I have been getting traffic surges, over the last week 544 visitors. Then it drops back.

There has always been something of a surge pattern. But both the surges and the fall backs have been slowly getting higher. I also seem to be maintaining a pattern of multiple page views. That's even more gratifying.

I do spend more time on this blog than I should. I guess that is reflected in the numbers. But I also get a great intellectual challenge, especially when someone like Marcellous can spot the distinctions in my sometimes careful English.

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