Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clare - a solid set of HSC results

From South West Rocks

Through the miracle of modern communications, Clare received her HSC results via SMS at 6am this morning. I was up, I nearly always am by then, so was able to share the initial excitement. Mind you, it took her mum just a few minutes to join us, followed a few minutes later by Helen.

I had been a little worried about the results. Clare tried to do so much this year, not just the HSC but also sport, social life and her role as sometimes organiser among her friends and colleagues. This affected her continuing assessment results.

I need not have worried. She got all band fives ranked by mark order from bottom to top:

  • Drama 80%
  • English Advanced 84%
  • Visual Arts 85%
  • English Extension 43, band e3. A half unit. As I understand it, this equates to 86%, band 5
  • Design & Technology 86%
  • Ancient History 87%

All this should be good enough to give here the UAI she wants, so much excitement. In terms of the friendly sibling rivalry between Helen and Clare, Clare was about a 1/4% behind Helen on the aggregate average, about a 1/4% in front on the best subjects, so a remarkably close draw!

The sense of relief was great for all of us. Then the phones started to run hot as Clare followed up her friends. Now we wait for the top lists to see how the school as a whole, and other schools that we are interested in, did.


UAIs yesterday. Whereas Helen's UAI went up as compared to her average exam results, Clare's went down. Apparently the exam results this year were unusually strong. As Helen says, bloody bell curve!

We should still be okay in terms of her uni choices, but it is now more line ball. The overall number of applicants is up this year, so we simply don't know how the whole thing will pan out in terms of the entry requirements for particular courses.


ninglun said...

Good result.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Neil, Jim

Anonymous said...

Marvellous result. Simply wonderful. Congratulations Clare! And well done to the supporting cast of parents and Helen

Your secret admirer

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, SA. Will pass the congrats on.

blonde canadian said...

Congratulations to Clare and her parents!

It's always a nerve-wracking time of year for high school kids and their families. I'm pleased you've had a happy ending, Jim.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, BC. It really is a nerve wracking time. Have a happy Xmas. Liked the latest red additions.