Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A tired boy

I delivered a full workshop today. I got up at 4am to prepare final material, left for work about 7.30, delivered the workshop from 10 to a bit after 4, debriefed and left for home a bit after 5pm. Then I got stuff for tea and cooked. Now I am stuffed.

The pity is that there is some really great material around to comment on. It will have to wait. I have another workshop tomorrow, I need to get up early to prepare some additional material based on today.

Thursday I fly to Tamworth. A full day, then I drive to Grafton. Another full day, then I fly to Sydney.

I will be driving through Armidale to get to Grafton after the Tamworth workshop (a four hour drive), but will have no time to stop. I hope in Grafton - I will have a few hours am and will have a hire car - to wander around the old part.

I do so wish that I could properly follow up. Grafton is underpromoted. Even Grafton people do not know the city's place in the history of New England. But why should they? None of it is taught.

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