Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving Day

Note to readers: Why should I do all this alone? Instead of posting tomorrow, I am going to bring this up and post as I go along!

I am writing this on the evening before. By the time you read this, moving will be in full swing! I doubt that I will be on line again for at least a few days.

We are already out of book boxes. All I can do is to sort out things in order so that I can pack them when we get more.

This I must do. But it's a real pain.

Postscript One 8.06pm

I have just found a map on NSW railway routes with coach connections. And the height for my daughters when they were young. This is the fourth time I have saved this one. Nostalgia! And our wedding photos.

Postscript Two 8:47pm

Great excitement. Friend Jenny is helping Helen pack. We found a photo of Jenny in her cubby house!

Postscript three 9:20pm

Just been through one of the filing cabinets, material relating to specialist medical colleges, training and intellectual property and innovation. Kept some, but turfed a lot. Memories came flooding back. But I cannot afford posts at the moment!

Dog days 9:50pm

It all becomes very hard. Two filing cabinets done, two to go. The cats have been taken, protesting greatly, across to Dee's mum's place. Back to it.

Signing Off 6am

All systems now going own until further notice!

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