Monday, April 26, 2010

Comfort Food

Tonight we were watching MasterChef Australia. This is one of those rare shows - Dr Who is another - that the entire family can agree to watch.

Tonight's competition required contestants to cook their favourite family dish, one that carried memories of their childhood. One contestant mentioned comfort food, food that we like to eat when not well or feeling down.

All this got me wondering so I thought that I would throw the question open.

What was your favourite meal from childhood? Do you have comfort food that you like to eat when not well or down?


Rummuser said...

You have got me worked up Jim. Yes, we four siblings today, will opt for the comfort food from our childhood, though at that time, it was not so alluring! It is basically rice and lentils steamed into a porridge seasoned with some pepper and cashews fried in clarified butter, accompanied by first mulligatawny soup and as a dessert, home made yogurt. I have it whenever I feel a bit over fed the previous day if you know what I mean!

Jim Belshaw said...

Yum, Ramana. Isn't it interesting how we go back?

Bobq said...

Comfort food is one of life's great pleasures.

Peanut butter on toast with slabs of butter. Vegemite on toast.


Tinned corn niblets, heated, with butter.

Tomato soup.

All from my childhood.

But also, various chicken curries with rich sauces, pizza (which was not a childhood food) and just about anything with pesto.

And what has dropped from my childhood list? All desserts. I just don't eat sweets these days.

Jim Belshaw said...

Ah Bob, you too are taking me back. To the tomato soup, add buttered bread fingers for dunking therein. And we Australians can't escape Vegemite.

I think that it's the vitamin B apart from anything else. Sometimes if I'm feeling seedy I want Bonox too.

Deserts have largely dropped from my list too, although deserts weren't really a comfort food as such. Just something that I loved.

Raspberries from the vines in the backyard mashed up with cream or icecream.

Anonymous said...

Hot buttered toast with home made blackberry jam; the stuff with seeds still in it - not that anonymous paste sold today.

(used to earn pocket money from the local jam factory in Lithgow by picking two or three 4-gallon kerosene cans of blackberries on a family Sunday arvo)

And agree with toast fingers in tomato soup. Proper soup - not that anonymous red stuff sold today, made out of not-tomatoes.

Still love ice cream. Proper creamy stuff; not that anonymous ...


Jim Belshaw said...

David, how absolutely luscious! My mouth watered. You can still get good blackberry jam, but nothing beats the homemade stuff. Pity blackberries were such an agricultural pest!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - the earlier responses got me off first the question: you asked what was the favourite childhood meal.

Probably rabbit stew. Or it might have been a sort of braised rabbit because I definitely remember there were bits of bacon mixed through.

Worst food was all the vegetables I now love - cabbage, all baked veges, spinach, cauliflower, etc

I rarely now eat meat, excluding occasional Asian chicken dishes. Can't remember the last bit of steak.


Jim Belshaw said...

David, I had forgotten rabbit. although it wasn't may favourite food. I prefered chook. It is hard now to remember that chook was something that you had just at special times.

Now cauliflower in whire sauce was something I loved and kids my after me!