Monday, March 28, 2011


As you might expect, Australian newspaper coverage today is dominated by the coalition's huge win in the NSW elections. I will report on the final seat outcome, but for the moment have nothing to add to my previous remarks. Like everybody, I will be watching the new Government's first days to see what it might tell us about the Government's future approach.

In the meantime, Canada is going to to the polls. I mean to have a look at the Canadian election for my own interest.

While everybody has been focused on politics, the Australian dollar has resumed its upward climb. Other pressures have taken me away from economics and the economy. Probably time I refreshed my view.

This will be a remarkably busy week. As a consequence, posting is likely to be very scrappy. I just have too much to do in the time available. Or, perhaps, unavailable.  


Anonymous said...


When the dust settles it would be very interesting to get a feel for the number of LNP electorates now sitting on a swing of 5% or so. That pendulum's gotta return to "normal", however refreshing this result might be.

Good summary in your last post; thanks.


Jim Belshaw said...

Interesting point, KVD. From a quick scan, quite a few.