Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just thirty houses

My main posts today are The future for the Australian economy and FIFO & decentralisation – the irony of it all. Here I want to focus on the second post.

To set a context, in a different world we want to repair thirty houses in a NSW country town. We can't do so in the time horizon we want because we have neither the builders nor the trades people. Even forty years ago we could have. But those we need have left.

I guess that's my charge. The reason why I have become such a radical defined as one who wants to overturn the existing system, the reason why I campaign so strongly for change, is that our current systems with their short term focus no longer work. They really don't. They are stuffed.

In my thinking, I always come back to the local and the individual. If we can't build or fix a house, if we can't supply land, if we can't teach a kid, we are stuffed.

I am not a revolutionary. I do not believe that we can do all things for all people. We can't. We have to make choices. But when we cannot do things that we might reasonably expect that we might we need to protest. We need to change. 

I really don't want to spell all this out tonight. For the moment, let me just say that by global standards Australia is is still a well governed society. But we could do so much better.That's my charge. 


Evan said...

Complete agreement from me.

For those who are revolutionarily (is that a word?) inclined there is a good recent post about Ted Trainer on the Permaculture Research Institute blog.

The thing I am more and more stuck by is that we have created a system where everyone loses. Some people too busy others too poor others in work they don't love . . . in Mannfred Max-Neef's immortal phrase this is "a stupid way to live".

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks for the lead, Evan. Will follow up.