Monday, July 23, 2012

Are critics of The Shire just showing their age?

After watching the first episode of The Shire (What did you think of The Shire?), I was determined to watch the second. I lasted less than five minutes! Look, I accept that I am the wrong demographic, but even so. Watching the twitter feed, I think that best thing the show has going for it (apart from bits of the soundtrack that I rather like) is that so many people seem to be watching it so that they can bag it.

Mind you, looking at the tweets and also the media reaction such as this live blog of tonight's episode, I am not at all sure that the older members of Gen Y or the younger members of Gen X who appear to dominate the feeds are at all representative of Ten's target demographic. Maybe just too old! Ouch.

In the meantime, I leave the last word to @KelynnWolfe - "Australians I implore you. Don't watch #theShire anymore!! Even ironically. Let it die quietly!"

I think it time to return to a more fulfilling topic, the economy. 

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