Sunday, December 09, 2012

Another simple meal at Astrolabe Road


Completing my higher series is taking a tad longer than I expected. In the meantime, life goes on.

Friday night I didn't have a lot of food in the house, but didn't feel like going out. I have also been guilty of not eating garden produce as it becomes available.

Wandering out to the garden, I collected some tomatoes, spring onions and oregano. I also had a little bit of salami, some garlic and a few mushrooms.

I put some olive oil in a pan and heated it. I then added the garlic, pepper and salt and the oregano and stirred it around in the hot oil until the aroma seemed about right. I then added the spring onions and stirred that. A little later I added the chopped up tomato and the mushrooms. When they seemed about right, I added the chopped up salami.

It wasn't bad at all.  


Rod said...

We are just beginning to enjoy vegetables from our garden at home too. Potatoes, corn and lemons... I'm not quite sure how to combine them though!

Eating your own grown food is a great feeling.

Jim Belshaw said...

It sure is, Rod. Now how to combine potatoes, corn and lemons? Take the lemons, extract the juice. Add chopped oregano to the lemon juice. Marinate a chicken in the juice. Let stand for a while.

Peal potatoes. When done, place the chicken in the oven. Marinate the potatoes in the oregano lemon juice. Put some olive oil and a pat of butter in another pan. Heat in oven. Add the potatoes plus lemon juice to the pan and return to oven.

As the cooking process nears its end, cook the sweet corn so that it's served with the rest.

A few mixed recipes. First

Second, more on the roast chicken -

Rod said...

Sounds good... I'll give it a go in the next week or so. Simple, yet it looks like it will be nice.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I had a bucket list - which term has since been severely hijacked by Hollywood, because it used to mean 'I desparately need to throw up' - which started with tapioca, rice or bread pudding, and then went via baked potato and pumpkin and almost all green vegetables - not least of which was broccoli and cabbage - down to oysters or basically any kind of shellfish, but ended up with lemon.

My mother used to produce some sort of lemon tart for afters. I did not thank her for that. Skill misapplied.

Now I'm old, and almost all those things - excluding the first two of course - have been consumed with gusto, and especially if pepper is added.

Except for lemon.

But apart from that minor quibble, this and your links to old posts are quite mouth-watering, and I'm really very impressed by the tomatoes!


Jim Belshaw said...

kvd, surely a man who doesn't like lemon must be tart in his own right?!

Seriously, that's a major weakness. Take some over-proof rum. Combine sugar and lemon juice, poor in hot water and stir vigorously. Add the rum. You can see I had a misspent youth! Great for colds or when it's cold. I feel a cold coming on, but then I have no rum!

Mm, I could never come at tapioca. And sweetened rice served with prunes as a desert almost put me off rice for life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

kvd, surely a man who doesn't like lemon must be tart in his own right?!

This is probably true, and it is my fault, failing, I accept.

The thing I've never 'got' about cooking is the need to add 'stuff' to what are basically delicious foods in their own right. Watch any foodie tv program and you see the chef take a chicken, or a fish, or steak, or anything really - then so confuse that basic delight with any number of a myriad 'additionals' - to the point where one wonders what if anything is left of the original flavour? May as well have started with a cardboard box.

But I'm straying. Lemon is basically crap; and any recipe mentioning it could as easily use pepper, or otherwise should be expunged from the tribal memory - not that I have any particularly strong feeling about the subject :)


ps your rum concoction: I stopped reading at "Take some overproof rum", and will carefully follow your advice henceforth.

Jim Belshaw said...

:) kvd. I have to agree with you on the foodie thing, though.

Rummuser said...

I am sure!