Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guyra cold - and a memory of football

First, happy birthday to our blogging friend, Ramana.

Tonight I wanted to share  one photo with you, Guyra Winter, from Experience the Highs. This Facebook page has some absolutely wonderful photos of the New England high country. Further comments follow the photo.

Guyra Winter Experience the Highs

Guyra lies in the higher country to the north of Armidale. It can be very cold. Imagine playing football near where this photo was taken. It wasn't snowing as such, but the cold westerly was driving sleet across the field.

Our fingers turned blue at the tips. It actually hurt to catch the football, more so if you miss caught with the ball hitting your finger tips! I fear that I couldn't do it now. 


My Observations said...

Yes, it is a beautiful country, so is the photo. One wants to see this part of Australia especially in autumn.

Jim Belshaw said...

It's gorgeous in autumn with the changing leaves, AC.