Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Introducing Robert Dawson


Yesterday's main post, New England Lives – Robert Dawson (1782-1866), company manager, pastoralist and writer, was again on the New England History blog. This is likely to happen a bit over coming weeks. This year is meant to be the year of the book, but I found that I was again getting behind. Now I'm writing to fill gaps and to extend my thinking.

Robert Dawson really was an interesting man, the Australian Agricultural Company an interesting company. Along with the establishment of the Bank of NSW, the AA Co is Australia's first really big corporate venture; the coup that overthrew Dawson, the first fight for control in a major Australian public company.

Do read the post, but also click through to the links to Dawson's own writing. The first is Dawson's defence against the charges laid against him, the second starts with Dawson's story of his early work with the AA Co. It's actually a very good yarn.      

And the plaque? This is an Australian Agricultural Company plaque on a stone column erected at Learmonth Park, Hamilton, dated 1914. Hamilton, now a Newcastle suburb, was one of the towns founded by the AA Co. 

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